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At LifeMates Canada, singles will find a reputable dating service which is designed for professional, educated individuals. Our program creates social introductions among serious professionals who are interested in meeting future partners with the same goals they do – establishing a long-term relationship. You don’t rely on a computerized service at LifeMates. Our staff of professional matchmakers reviews each member’s profile to ascertain which of these individuals will be the right introduction for you. You’ll date serious people who are looking for the same qualities in a match, which you expect to find in your own future partner.
Canadian singles who are interested in meeting someone they can develop a serious relationship with now have the option of joining Lifemates. Almost every Canadian city has plenty of singles events, adult education classes, bar hopping evenings, church groups, gyms, speed-dating events, online matchmaking sites and even classified ads. Yet our reviews show us, that these strategies rarely bring success and generally result in frustration over wasted time and money.
LifeMates Canada has been creating successful social introductions for over 20 years. Matchmakers interview members, allowing them to build a complete review profile for each person. This profile details the member’s expectations for a relationship and identifies the essence of what they seek. Other factors noted on the profile, include the person’s background, lifestyle, interests and even complaints about previous dating experiences. Using this profile, professional Lifemates Canada matchmakers identify compatible dating matches for building long-term relationships, family and a happy and healthy future.
Throughout my 20s and early 30s, I wasn’t thinking about my chances of settling down and having a family. I always had plenty of dates and a large social circle. By the time I was 35 I started to realize that most of my social circle had paired off and it seemed that there just weren’t that many new people to meet. Or so I thought. I joined Lifemates Canada because I wanted to expand my social network and see if it was still possible to meet someone special who wanted the same things that I did – romance, love, a long-term relationship and, of course, ultimately marriage and a family. The intake reviews procedure was very thorough and within a very short period of time I found myself meeting men who had the same interests in creating a strong relationship and homelife as I did. I was comforted when I found out that these men had similar backgrounds, stable careers and values that matched my own. On my fourth Lifemates Canada date I was introduced to Sean. We hit it off immediately and soon, we were spending every available minute in each other’s company. Sean doesn’t believe in a long period of “relationship” – he feels that, when you know that you’ve met the right person, you should start your life together, so within 6 months, that’s what we did. I couldn’t be more appreciative. Thank you Lifemates Canada.
-Randi Morrison, Winnipeg
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Lifemates Canada - Dating and Matchmaking Service

Throughout history matchmakers in societies and cultures throughout the world have stepped in to assist singles find their soulmate. Today matchmakers have the opportunity to use technology, providing them with additional tools to allow them to look for matches among a larger pool of people. Lifemates Canada utilizes all the modern technological advances of the 21st century while maintaining an old-fashioned matchmaking approach to working with each client individually to help them find their match.

Lifemates Canada operates in Canada’s major urban centers, including Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa, Hamilton, London, Calgary, Montreal, Winnipeg, Barrie and Mississauga. We provide the largest potential dating pool of any matchmaking service in Canada. The Lifemates staff operates skillfully, interviewing applicants thoroughly to ascertain each individual’s goals and values as well as their personality, background, feedback, likes and dislikes. Lifemates Canada professional social introductions program believes in asking applicants tough questions in order to find the person who will offer them the best prospects for positive dating experiences and a further relationship. When you date with us you have full assurance that the people you meet have all been carefully screened before you even meet. We invite potential members to look at our consumer reviews page which demonstrates our commitment to working with each member individually to help them attain their relationship goals.

Lifemates works with the professional community and we understand that sometimes, people find themselves putting their personal lives on the back burner to keep up with their professional lives and maintain their place in their profession. Our members know that Lifemates values their time. We make every effort to ensure that each date has the potential to introduce a member to a compatible person who shares core values, beliefs, life experiences and wishes for a future loving relationship and home.

Consistently throughout our 20 years of service, reviews for Lifemates have demonstrated that our system works. Our trained staff consults with each member privately when the individual join Lifemates. We examine each individual’s expectations so that we can provide them with positive dating experience. We immediately relate to any feedback, comments or complaints so that we can review members’ concerns promptly and effectively. For Lifemates Canada, members’ feedback, which sometimes includes consumer complaints, gives us the opportunity to improve and develop our service to our clients.

We invite Canadian singles to check out Lifemates Canada. We believe that our personalized style of matching singles who have similar backgrounds, interests, tastes, lifestyles and values offers the most successful strategy for matchmaking. We take great pride in our successful matches that have led to countless long-term relationships, and our Relationship Goal Guarantee ensures that we will continue to work with you until you find your true match.